Enrich your food

With addition of NoriBake it is easy to enrich your products with important minerals such as, iodine, potassium, magnesium and vitamin B12

NoriBake for bread, cake, smoothies and pasta

NoriBake is a mix of several concentrated dried seaweed. Thanks to the Umami effect, flavors are enhanced. During the consumption of a sandwich, the taste of fillings such as cheese or egg becomes more intense. Due to the moisture absorption of 5% to 8% of the seaweed, a better dough structure is obtained and therefore a longer tenderness and it is better to freeze.

Bread baking artisanally with only flour, water, Noribake (2.5%), yeast and some seeds, you simply bake a delicious mineral rich bread, without additional improvers.

NoriChef soup, sauces, cheese, pasta and spices

NoriChef is a mix of various concentrated dried seaweed. Naturally flavors are enhanced by the glutamates present (Umami effect). NoriChef is therefore extremely suitable as an addition in soup, sauces and pastas.

Nori Kombu Leafs

Nori Kombu leaves is one of the healthiest vegetables in this world, if not the healthiest.

By soaking the leaves in lukewarm water for 50 minutes and boiling for 5 minutes, a soft Kombu leaf is obtained, just poured and cut into strips. Add to your needs and taste in, for example, fresh meal salads. Or make a delicious sushi!

You can use the remaining moisture to make a delicious sauce or bouillon.

Nori Kombu Granulate

Nori Kombu granulate is one of the healthiest vegetables in this world, if not the healthiest.

Soak for 50 minutes, boil for 5 minutes. Remove the granulate and add the liquid in a soup. No flavor enhancers or bouillon cubes needed. 100% natural. No. E-numbers!

The granulate can also be added to pastas such as lasagna or macaroni.