Nori Bake

Fits all dough products

For bread products with a high concentration of healthy minerals, as Iodine, Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamins B12.

NoriBake for dough products

NoriBake is easy to add during the preparation. 2.5% -3% on the flour weight. This implies simultaneously that the final product contains 80-100% of the recommended amount of iodine per 100 grams of bread According to EFSA, you can use various health claims. The inclusion of 5 – 8% of moisture in the dough also contributes to a longer tenderness and makes the structure more resistant to freezing. (no ice crystals). The Umami effect that is present, causes a more intense taste perception of seeds, such as sunflower seeds, among others.


    Granulate sizes
  • 0.5 mm  < 2.0 mm
  • 3.0 mm  < 5.0 mm

Packaging:          Bag a 20 kg