Seaweed the healthy superfood

Studies indicate that seaweed counteracts aging, too high cholesterol and overweight. It would also address the free radicals that can cause cancer. Unimportant to announce that it’s very tasty. It could be the “health food” of the nineties.


However, it was mainly macrobiotics and vegetarians who fell for on the seaweed. Slowly, sea vegetation now also begins to reach the masses. And that’s a good thing. Because on all lists of healthy foods, seaweed is at the top.

Beneficial Minerals in Seaweed

Did you know Seaweed has more Vitamin C than oranges? And did you know that seaweed is the vegetables with the most minerals? See the overview down below. Seaweed is a major super food used by vegetarians, vegans and health conscious, seafood lovers. Seaweeds can also be used to treat a lot of deficiency.

Why seaweed is a superfood and one of the best sources of organic nutritions

Highest life expectancy

Japan consumes the most seaweed of all the peoples on earth and has the highest life expectancy. This is not just because of the food of sea vegetables. Japanese also eat a lot more fish and soy, much less fat food and they are a lot thinner than the average Dutchman. But seaweed certainly contributes to their health. For example, older Japanese have significantly fewer wrinkles.


What convenience products lack seaweed has in abundance: iodine, iron, lime, vitamins and minerals. Seaweed is a source of vitamin B12, which is only found in animal products. Iodine is important for people who do not eat enough fish or bread (added to iodine-enriched salt). Iodine deficiency increases the risk of thyroid cancer.

Health benefits

Recent research shows that seaweed contains bioactive ingredients that reduce cholesterol, reduce blood pressure and promote healthy digestion. They would even address free radicals that could cause cancer. Recent studies give a hopeful outcome in breast cancer (2016). Some studies suggest that seaweed would promote weight loss, due to the alginates present. Brown seaweed is anti-inflammatory and can reduce various physical complaints, such as eczema and bowel complaints (inflammations).
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