Nori Chef

Excellent addition for dairy products

NoriChef is extra rich in glutamates and is composed especially for adding on sauces, cheese, soups, pastas, salads etc. replacement of MSGs. (E621)

NoriChef for dairy products

NoriChef is easy to add during the preparation of mature cheese with 4% -6% in the curd. The best Umami effect is achieved after 3 to 4 months. According to EFSA, you can use various health claims. Take into account a 5 – 8% absorption of moisture. In pastas like noodles you achieve a higher taste experience. The Umami effect that is present causes a more intense taste perception of cheese.


    Granulate sizes
  • 0.5 < 2.0 mm,
  • 3.0 < 5.0 mm

Packaging: Bag a 20 kg