Organic Seaweedmix reducing salt and natural taste enhancer (msg)

NoriBake enhances our food

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Nori Bake

NoriBake is rich with natural iodine. Replaces salt and gives a better taste. The mix is for doughproducts, like bread, cake, pizza, pasta’s etc.

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Nori Chef

NoriChef is rich with glutomates and is special developed for adding to sauces, cheese, soup, pasta’s, salades etc. Replacing MSG’s. (E621)

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Nori Kombu

100% Kombu leafs are sustainably harvested from the North-Atlantic Ocean. Excellent ingrediënt to add to salades or replacement of salt in bouillon.

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Nori Kombu Granulate

100% Kombu granulate availble in different sizes. An excellent ingrediënt as addition to sauce and soup or replacement of salt in bouillon.

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It is purple in colour and has been used for centuries by North-Western Europeans, primarily for its distinctive spicy flavour. Dillisk has a very high iron content and is rich in protein. It is often used in soups or can be toasted and added to salads.

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Irish moss

This product is 100% organic and natural. Simply sprinkle on food to add some extra flavour and nutrients to your meals as salads, soup and sauces.

Enhance your product with the right seaweed

Why NoriBake seaweed

What is the benefit of NoriBake for our product?

NORIBAKE is a superfood- which can be regarded as a nutrient rich food that is especially beneficial to health and well-being.

  • A specially composed mix of different kinds of seaweed.
  • Contains 97 nutrients which include: Iodine, Magnesium, Calcium, Iron, Vitamine B3 and B12.
  • The Daily Recommanded Intake is 4 grams a day.
  • No seaweed flavor and odor transfer in products.
  • Hydration can be increased by a 5% - 8%. Products freeze better and keep structure intact, as hydration is increased.
  • Salt can be reduced or removed if Nori Bake is added.
  • Sodium content in Nori Bake is 2,5% relative to 39% sodium in salt.

NORIBAKE can be used as a replacement for salt.
Allergens : Gluten, nuts and dairy free
May contain traces of shells and crustaceans.

NORI CHEF can be added to cheese, pasta’s, sauces, soups, stew. The mix strengthens the taste intensity of the rpesent ingredients. E-numbers from E620 till E625 can be replaced.

Convince yourselfof the Umami taste and good qualities!

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Skalnummer: 106127
Certificaatnummer: 1014630

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