Iodine deficiency in Europe

Alarming iodine too short in Europe





Recently, the World Health Organization, WHO and Unicef have a joint report issued for a long time research. The outcome is alarming!
In many Member States, there is too much shortage of iodine intake among the inhabitants. Countries like Denmark, France and Belgium are not good at all!
WHO and UNICEF have therefore advised all the Member States to encourage and advise both the legislation and the advice to advise the food industry.

Partly because it is advised from the medical and health organizations to high levels of iodine-containing salt (sodium), the iodine is increased too short.
We also now see the development of salt replacements in, for example, bread. In itself a good thing, but due to the lack of iodine-containing salt, it increases the shortages!

An appropriate solution is the natural iodine in seaweed! Preferably biological.

Read the full rapport. 

Latest status report Iodine levels in Europe 2014