5 reasons why all females should eat more seaweed

The world health organisation recommends pregnant and lactating women need iodine.
The world health organisation recommends pregnant and lactating women need iodine.

Females of all ages need Iodine found in seaweed.  Two thirds of Western women are iodine deficient and don’t know it. The symptoms of iodine deficiency are weight gain, intolerance to cold, fatigue and weakness, mild depression, hair loss, problems in pregnancy, memory problems, changes in heart rate and irregular periods.  

Research suggest 76% of teenage girls and 66% of adult women in the UK and Ireland are iodine deficient. Food is deficient in iodine due to modern farming methods and the increase in processed foods.  Despite government efforts most companies won’t use iodised salt due to the higher cost, so we are not getting iodine into our diets by this method.

There are many reasons to eat seaweed, but the 5 main reasons I feel that are necessary for female health are:

1.       Thyroid – Iodine found in seaweed is critical to thyroid hormone production which maintains metabolism, memory, mood, contributes heart health. Iodine can be manufactured and added to salt. However iodized salt contains potassium iodide which is absorbed very quickly and excreted again in three hours. However natural iodine in seaweed is absorbed slowly and excreted slowly only if not needed. This creates a more stable steady supply of iodine for the thyroid.

2.       If you plan to have kids or have kids, iodine is crucial for the development of a baby’s brain and for normal growth of children. The world health organisation recommends pregnant and lactating women need iodine. Mild iodine deficiency during pregnancy could be reducing their children’s IQ levels. Iodine deficiency is recognised globally as the single most preventable cause of mental delays. It is also linked to miscarriage and still births.

3.       Seaweed is an amazing detoxifier for our bodies. The toxicity of modern life is impacting iodine levels. Common chemicals may cheat you out of iodine such as chlorine, fluoride and bromide from plastics as well as pesticides from food. The cells that need it most – thyroid, breast, brain and skin cells soak up these chemicals instead of iodine. Heavy metals get stored in the same receptors that are looking for iodine. Iodine is a powerful detoxifier in this instant. Chemicals are everywhere and interfere with the natural chemicals in our body that tell our cells how to produce whole healthy cells.

4.       Menopause – During menopause women can develop problems with their thyroid and thyroid hormone production can be low during menopause.  Iodine in seaweed can help alleviate this and reduce some symptoms of menopause.

5.       Healthy Heart – The potassium is seaweed helps maintain normal blood pressure and reduce risk of cardiovascular disease.

It is much easier to prevent a medical problem than cure it.  There is vast evidence in that communities who use seaweed on a regular basis have a much better nutritional status.

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Live your life well!

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